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Route-me native iphone mapping framework

Posted by: murrayhking on July 7, 2010

CETIS – Mobile Tech Meet 15th June

Posted by: addyedina on June 21, 2010

EDUSRV Mobile University

Posted by: addyedina on May 21, 2010

Convert to and from OS National Grid

Posted by: benismobile on April 1, 2010

Informatics Mobile Apps Group – Edinburgh

Posted by: addyedina on March 18, 2010

Mobile Touch Web

Posted by: benismobile on February 10, 2010

Testing open-layers with iphone and android.

Posted by: murrayhking on January 5, 2010

gvSIG Mini released

Posted by: addyedina on October 27, 2009

Where 2.0 Online conference, Autumn 2009

Posted by: geomobiletest on October 23, 2009

Augmented Reality mashup event in London

Posted by: geomobiletest on October 22, 2009