Posted by: benismobile | August 10, 2010

Walking Through Time festival app

A new version of the “Walking Through Time” app that we’ve had some involvement in has just been launched as a free app on the App Store.  The app makes a range of historic maps sourced from Landmark and The National Library of Scotland available on your iPhone so you can see how the part of town you’re walking through looked in the past and has changed through time.  A nice new feature is the opacity slider that lets you change the opacity of the comtemporary (Google arial) layer to reveal more or less of the historic map. Some historic tours have also been provided with help from Edinburgh World Heritage and Margaret Stewart. The app was developed as aprt of the JISC Rapid Innovation Programme with the Edinburgh College of Art, University Of Edinburgh and EDINA as proejct partners. The app only works for maps  in Edinburgh at the moment.


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