Posted by: addyedina | March 18, 2010

Informatics Mobile Apps Group – Edinburgh

The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh have been running a Mobile Apps group for some time now.  This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for an informal session.  Most evenings have a couple of presenters and a vague theme.  Beer and pizza is laid on and the evenings have been a success with 40-60 people attending each month.

I have been going along every month for a while and though it was about time we contributed rather than just attend.  My plan was simple, attend the February event and put Ben forward to present in March.  However, it made more sense for us to give a double headed presentation in which i would give an overview of the services Edina offers to highlight what students could use and Ben could then showcase some of the things we have been developing through our mobile project. Ben focused on trying to get students to think beyond simple location and to think about space and what a place means to an individual.

It all seemed to go down well and i hope students and researchers, not just from Edinburgh University, will approach us to find out how they can make best use of our resources, or to collaborate on projects.  If you are interested in looking at what we presented then you can check them out on prezi here:

Addy – Edina Overview

Ben – Mobile Apps beyond just location

St Patrick's Day

The other two presentations from the evening included Rob, a PhD student from Informatics, who demo’d his website foragers.  This looks at food that grows in public spaces.  Rob was interested in creating links with the mobile app developer community to help him develop his idea and get some crowd sourced data into his site.

The other presentation was by Andrey Levushkin, from Loc8 Solutions , who gave an overview of some of the geo-location code that sits behind their HedOut platform.  Loc8Solutions were behind last years successful Edinburgh Festival mobile app.  They used their proprietary location-centric platform to build a multi-featured iPhone application to:

  • find out what shows are about to start near their location
  • find directions to the venue
  • search for any shows across all of the festivals.

The application also linked to the official box offices, providing user reviews and ratings It also gave access to the Half-Price-Hut allowing users to find great last minute deals.

So, another great evening out.  A bit of work and a spot of guinness to mark St Patrick’s day in an appropriate fashion.  The next event will be held on Wednesday 21st April and you can find more details here


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