Posted by: addyedina | February 10, 2010

HTML5 – The power of canvas

While looking at the mornings geo-related blogs and news i came across a very neat example of what you can achieve with HTML5, which I spotted on the Fuzzy Tolerance site.

Click the link below to check out the sketch pad application, unless of course you are using IE.


No Flash or Silverlight or Java here – just HTML5 canvas and JavaScript.  The real power is in the browser’s implementation of the Canvas specification – i.e the browser’s rendering and graphics engine. you can’t see that code. All canvas does is provide a consistent  ( standard) way of invoking the browser native graphics and rendering capability across different browser implementations. Except IE of course who want to do it their way with VML. Fortunately, there is a javascript library (excanvas.js) to make the canvas code work on IE too – although that does need to execute lots of Javascript and therefore is much slower.


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