Posted by: addyedina | December 3, 2009

Walk and Ride App

I was catching up with looking through what has been going on this week and I came across a nice little app that should be coming out soon.  The Walk and Ride App is produced by United Maps in Germany and targets a number of major European cities, although none in Britain (we will get to why in a minute). Walk and Ride

So the app is a navigation tool for the iPhone and iTouch which is specifically designed for pedestrians rather than cars. So the routing can take you through cuts and across footpaths to optimise the travel time between locations.  In addition, the team has added as much information about public transport as they can to the app so that you can create routes where you walk to the bus stop, catch the bus to the train station, take the train into the city centre and then walk to your final destination.  Integrated transport solutions when useful datasets are available.

And this is probably the reason that it is not currently available in the UK at the moment.  We don’t have quite the same free access to public transport timetables and are forced to visit the website of the company that runs the service.  This mkes planning journeys slightly more difficult and usually involves lots of scribbling times on bits of paper.  Personally, i usually then forget to take the piece of paper with me and have to just wing it…. Anyway, check out the video of the app here: Walk And Ride App Video


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