Posted by: addyedina | December 1, 2009

Momo – Edinburgh 30th November

The mobile scoping team and James headed out to the Momo Edinburgh evening last night.  The Momo (Mobile Mondays) Edinburgh group are by their own admission a fairly informal group that tend to meet over coffee or a beer but hold bigger events ever couple of months.  The motivation behind this event was to select a representative from Scotland to present their work at the Global Peer Awards in Barcelona.

The format of the evening was a series of 5 minute presentations of mobile apps with a couple of minutes of questions afterwards.  The range of apps on show included:

  • tools to help you search and buy items through your smart phone which used image recognition
  • an Edinburgh Festival app that helped you find your way to venues, find shows with discounted tickets and to suggest shows that were similar to your interests
  • profile-based targeted advertising on your smart phone
  • smart phone apps on non-smart phones – browser based apps
  • and a whacky but fun synthesiser app

Once all the presentations were out of the way there was a networking session with some food and drink.  From our point of view, the evening gave us an opportunity to find out who is doing what in and around Edinburgh.  We met a number of interesting people such as Mark Wright. Mark is interested in Urban Space and Tagscenes. We hope to get a meeting arranged with Mark in the next couple of weeks as he has a great deal of experiance in the mobile sector and was involved in the Walking trhough Time project run by the Edinburgh College of Art.

So, all in all a very useful evening.  If you want to find out more about Momo Edinburgh the check out the google group here.

Informatics forum (pic StuartMac @ Flickr)


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