Posted by: addyedina | November 16, 2009

Geomobile scoping user engagement – Part 1.

Ben and I have just got back from a rather long day in London.  We were visiting a couple of researchers who are interested in location based services on mobile devices.


Our first stop was at City University to visit David Mountain of the Informatics group.  David has been using geo-enabled mobile devices for research and teaching over the last couple of years.  He has looked specifically at geographic information retrieval on mobile devices and mixed reality interfaces for mobile devices.


Our next stop was at UCL where we met with Anthony Steed in the department of computer science.  Anthony has worked on data collection with mobile devices and how users might use geographic data beyond just consuming maps and utalising geoannotation and temporal tagging.  He has also investigated how real-world knowledge can be exploited in computing, particularly through GPS enabled devices.

It was really interesting to engage with these guys as they were able to tell us what they had done, what they found easy or difficult and what they would like to see in a GIS service for mobile devices.  It is fair to say that Ben and I learnt a great deal, many aspects seemed simple and obvious after the meetings, but we had not even considered them before.

We are on the road again this week, visiting Nottingham on Thursday.  I have no doubt that this will open our eyes to other aspects of service delivery that we have not previously appreciated. Fortunately the flight is at a slightly more civilised time, but only slightly.

We saw this window on the way home, i think it was some fancy design place, but it was pretty cool none the less.


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