Posted by: addyedina | October 27, 2009

gvSIG Mini released


gvSIG announced the release of a mobile application this week.  gvSIG Mini is a brand-new open-source project (GNU/GPL) aimed at cellular phones. gvSIG Mini is a a free viewer of free access maps based on tile services, with WMS client, address searching, POIs, routing and more features.  gvSIG Mini is not an official gvSIG project, but it joins gvSIG family through non-official gvSIG downloads.

The main features of the application seem to be:
* Map viewer for: OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, …
* Satellite images and standard maps
* Free to use (GPL)
* Address search
* Low bandwidth usage
* Fast
* Maps downloader
* Offline usage
* GPS Usage
* Points Of Interest
* Route finder
* Versions for: Android phones, Standard Java mobile phones (JavaME), Blackberry
* Tileset generator. Phone Cache is a tile generator for gvSIG Mini

We think the ability to cache tiles and serve them when you are offline is great and will be especially useful if you know you are heading out to an area with little or no connectivity.  I am not sure if there is a cache management tool, but this would be a useful addition so users could ensure they have the coverage they know they are going to need in the field.  It would also be useful to see gvSIG Mini support the iPhone in the future.

Check gvSIG Mini out here:


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