Posted by: geomobiletest | October 23, 2009

Where 2.0 Online conference, Autumn 2009


Spotted on Ed Parsons blog, O’Riley are running another Where 2.0 conference this autumn. The conference will be held online to allow anyone to join in from the comfort of their own desk without the additional cost of traveling to the event itself. The conference will be held on the 3rd of December and runs from 0900-1230 US Pacific Standard time which i think is 8 hours behind GMT, but with daylight saving this will mean that the event will run at 1600 in the UK.

From the site website:
The mobile phone is fast becoming the primary I/O device for geodata. Since the last Where 2.0 Conference in May 2009, the iPhone has continued to define the state of the art for location enabled sensors. By creating a widespread platform that allows for third-party development and geolocation, iPhones are advancing the whole industry. What game-changing applications are now under construction? The combination of camera, GPS, accelerometer, and compass on a single device now allows us to layer information on top of the world. How are we perceiving and consuming new information? How can the layers be edited to push the envelope further?

The Where 2.0 Online Conference explores:

  • The Sensors in Your iPhone
  • Augmented Reality
  • Location Sensors
  • Working with Audio Input
  • Recognizing the World with Computer Vision
  • The iPhone in Motion

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